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Question 1: What type of drive shaft do these Eterra auger drives come with?

They are equipped with a 2" hex.

Question 2: Can the Eterra Auger Drives mount on a skid steer or excavator?

The Eterra Auger Drive can mount on both skid steers and excavators.

Question 3: What is the hydraulic flow requirement to operate these models on?

From 7 to 30 GPM depending on the model.

Eterra Auger Drives for skid steers and excavators are intelligently engineered and build heavy duty, offering serious torque per foot and unbelievable durability.

This support page is designed to provide key information about operation and features of the attachment in order to ensure maximum safety and that you are getting the most out of your attachment. Please read and understand all safety directives before operation.

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Eterra Attachments, LLC. offers a 1-Year limited warranty on all original and complete pieces of equipment or attachment products purchased from our dealers, or us directly. Our warranty on accessories, drive system parts, and wear parts may differ. Eterra offers extended warranties on select products, please visit our warranty request page for full details.

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