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You guys have an excellent product! The typhoon mower is without a doubt the best on the market!!! The design and craftsmanship is second to none. We haven't found anything it will back down from here in the boot-heel of Missouri. Its an outstanding product! It really is quite the machine. It amazes every single person we do work for! You guys got

 it right!! 

We added a hose protector and that is it. We put close to 350 hours on the mower and it still looks great. Decals are not as pretty as they were but paint is super tough. The only weak link with the typhoon mower is the machine it's connected to! 

We hope to grow enough to add a second machine with another typhoon. 


Missouri, USA

Affordable Drainage Solutions

About 2 years ago I bought the 2500 model auger motor mount on my TEREX track loader and KUBOTA KX-121 track hoe. I do horizontal drilling anger sidewalks and drive ways Love the way These Guys built the MOUNTS. The ability the swivel the motor at all different angles is a money maker, time saving and back saving TOOL. I also got the cement mixer tub. The ability to dump it right where you need it, well i cant say enough . I have bought many other attachments and accessory's and they all work great with not problems ......Heavy Duty!

Tony Reed

Columbus, Ohio

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