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Skid Steer Box Grader Attachment

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The Eterra Box Grader is perfect for grading driveways, private roads, and pastures. Home owners, farmers, landscapers and contractors love using this attachment for all sorts of grading applications when they realize how easy it is to use. The Eterra Box Grader makes it simple for anyone to perform a wide range of tasks and make them look like they were done by professionals. Whether you need to resurface a road, field or just final grade a landscape surface, this is a perfect tool to get the job done.


The Eterra Box Grader comes in two different widths - 72" & 84". Four High-Carbon Alloy Steel Blades allow the Eterra Box Grader to work moving forward or in reverse. Two blade bolt patterns allow the blades to be dropped down lower as they are worn, increasing blade life.


The Eterra Box Grader is simple to use with the incorporation of the side rails. With constant down pressure from your skid steer the side rails stay in contact with the ground. This prevents the grader from digging in a corner when grading over rougher terrain. The aggressive blade design is capable of digging potholes while smoothly redistributing material out of the back,The blades are configured with two facing forward while two face the rear. This way you always have two blades cutting while two are spreading. This works while moving forward or in reverse which greatly increases the work you can get done in a short time.


Constructed from A572 Grade 50 steel and a reinforced 4" x 4" square boom, this Box Grader won't bend or flex in the slightest. Reinforced skid steer mounting plate. A cylinder relief port protects from overstressing and bending the cylinder rod.


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