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Vortex Mini Skid Steer Stump Grinder Attachment

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The Eterra Mini Skid Steer Stump Grinder has an efficient, modern design that results in maximum power and grinding capability for a mini skid steer loader. It requires a hydraulic flow rate of 12-20 GPM, and mounting options are available to suit nearly all mini skid steer loaders. This is a great attachment for arborists and land clearing businesses who want to be able to remove stumps in tight spaces that are inaccessible to larger machines


The 20" diameter, 1/2" thick wheel is made of high strength alloy steel and features replaceable rock guards and flippable three sided teeth. The rock guards protect tooth chipping in rough soil conditions and the flippable teeth maximize time between replacements. If the standard teeth don't end up being a good fit for your soil conditions, there are multiple styles of replacement teeth that are more durable in rough conditions


The drive system has two critical parts: the radial piston motor and direct drive system. Radial piston motors are highly efficient, converting close to 95% of the hydraulic flow’s energy into horsepower. This is essential for this attachment because mini skid steers generally provide a lower flow rate than full size machines. This Mini Skid Steer Stump Grinder also has unique anti-cavitation relief valves that allow it to be operated without a check valve, meaning fewer areas of failure. The direct drive system is an oil bath enclosed hub system. By enclosing the bearings in this manner, it leaves no margin for error with operators because there are no external couplers to monitor or change, and nothing to grease.


The Mini Stump Grinder features a robust grade 50 steel housing. A wrap around motor guard protects the motor and hoses from damage during operation. The housing has also been designed to minimize chip spray by extending on the exit side to deflect ships downward, allowing for residential use and less clean up.


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