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WARRANTY: Skid Steer Solutions LLC's, doing business as Eterra ("Eterra") products are warranted to the original retail purchaser against defects in material and workmanship which occur within twelve (12) months (or longer when purchasing an extended warranty) from the date of delivery to the purchaser, or the date of delivery to the carrier in the case of F.O.B. shipments. Eterra’s warranty shall be limited, at Eterra’s option, to repair or replace any defective parts or components. Such repair or replacement shall be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy hereunder. Expendable components including, but not limited to knives, oil, chain sprockets, skid shoes, knife mounting discs, and similar components are excluded from this warranty. Normal wear and tear, along with routine maintenance, is always excluded from this warranty. Purchaser shall pay all transportation costs associated with request for warranty service, including costs and expenses of transporting the product or component part to Eterra’s service centers. Warranty service shall be performed by the Eterra Dealer from who the product was purchased, in the Dealer’s service department, during regularly scheduled hours of operation.  


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