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Earth Auger Bits

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Augers Bits Built to Last

The Eterra Auger Bit is designed for all earth drilling conditions. If your conditions are steadily rough, consider adding the Tungsten Carbide Fishtail and Tungsten Carbide Teeth for longer life and better bite. From the cast heavy duty drive heads to the thick walled tubing and forged cutter holder, these bits get the job done when you need them most. We consistently receive feedback on their ability to excel in rocky earth and shale.

Get to Know Eterra's Earth Auger Bit

Eterra Earth Auger Bits are attached with a 2" hex drive. We offer them in 8 size options between 4" and 36". Add the Tungsten Carbide Fishtail and Cutter Teeth for hard earth conditions. A 3" tube made with heavy 3/8" wall, and 1/4" flighting provide durability and clear dirt quickly without clogging. 

How it Works

The Eterra earth auger bit uses a simple pin on attachment to your auger drive ensuring quick and easy changes.  The pilot bit is the first engaging part into the ground, pulling your auger in, and the forged cutter teeth takes care of the rest. Wish an Eterra Auger driving it, this auger bit will take care of business in pretty much anything but solid rock or concrete.

Constructed from Strong Materials

Made from 3" tubing boasting a 3/8" wall thickness, these augers are tough. The welds are high quality, and will not crack or break under torque like some bits out there. The pilot and cutting teeth are forged to make them stronger, and carbide options take care of extra tough conditions.


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