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Skid Steer 4 Ft. Trencher Attachment

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Trenching? Piece of cake 

Eterra's 4 Foot Trencher for Skid Steers is ideal for constructing long industrial or personal property trenches with ease. This trencher has set the standard today for reliability and effectiveness. Driven by the same proven gearbox as the Eterra Auger, it will cut through even the rockiest soil conditions. Just watch out for water lines.


The 4 Ft. Trencher features a 70/30 ratio of Aggressive Tungsten Carbide Cutter teeth and dirt teeth, making it effective in tough soil conditions and able to pull dirt out of the trench. The chain has a 6" cutting width, and cuts up to 4' depth. Standard crumber bar and tough discharge auger keep the trench clear.


The 4 Foot Trencher is driven by the same proven, top of the line motor that is used on the Eterra Auger, providing a continuously high degree of power to the chain. 18" discharge auger clears the dirt and a pre-assembled crumber bar keeps the trench clean. An easy manual side shift mechanism allows for off-center trenching. Flow rating of 14-23 GPM.

Built for the long haul  

Constructed from high strength steel. A lightweight design allows this attachment to be run on a variety of machines. Replaceable teeth and protected gearbox will keep this attachment (and its operator) in business for years.


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