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Auger Stump Planer

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Stumps Hate this Accessory

The Eterra Stump Planer is ideal for operators who want a stump removal attachment but can't quite justify the cost of a dedicated grinder. Available in 10" and 14" options, this compact attachment works with many different auger drives on skid steers or excavators and allows you to bore stumps down below ground level. For operators already using an auger drive, this attachment adds tremendous utility at a low investment.

Get to know the stump planer

Designed to be used with the Eterra Auger Drive Attachments, this accessory attaches with a 2" hex hub and can grind stumps down to 18" below the surface. 3 steel cutter blades are designed to shave down even hardwoods with a starter tip that drills into the wood and guides to prevent lateral movement. Available in 10" or 14" diameter.

How it works

. This stump removal attachment is designed to be used with an Eterra Auger Attachment. The 10" model is designed for the 3500 Auger drive and the 14" model requires the 4500 drive with minimum torque of 2,200 and 3,300 ft. lbs respectively. Easily grind larger stumps by positioning the planer off-center and making 3 or 4 passes. 

build to last

If you're removing large stumps regularly, you're going to need a dedicated stump grinder like the Eterra Vortex. That said, this thing won't back down from a challenge. Constructed of high grade steel, with replaceable steel cutting blades, pilot bit and pilot blades.


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