Cyclone 48" Rotary Brush Mower Attachment - SUPPORT

Question 1: What is the cutting capacity of the Cyclone 48"?

Up to 6"

Question 2:How much does the Cyclone 48" weigh with an excavator mount?

800 Lbs.

Question 3: What is the hydraulic flow requirement to operate the Cyclone 48"?

15 to 40 GPM.

Learn how to safely operate Eterra's Cyclone Brush Cutter-designed to be an Ultra Heavy Duty brush and tree clearing solution.

The versatility of this mower is astounding thanks to it's unique mounting system, along with other important features. On this page, you'll learn how to get the most out of your Cyclone Brush Cutter and maximize the attachment lifecycle

Features and Design Specs


Design Specs

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Eterra Attachments, LLC. offers a 1-Year limited warranty on all original and complete pieces of equipment or attachment products purchased from our dealers, or us directly. Our warranty on accessories, drive system parts, and wear parts may differ. Eterra offers extended warranties on select products, please visit our warranty request page for full details

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